Consequences Of MLDA

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Consequences of Underage Drinking & A Lower MLDA Health Issues • Individuals who start drinking earlier than age 21 are more likely to be a driver in a motor vehicle crash, be injured, and be in a physical fight, according to a recent study. The younger the individual, the more likely he or she will experience these The cost of pain and suffering top a 
 outcomes after drinking.10 • Repeated use of alcohol during adolescence can lead to deficits in cognitive abilities, including learning and memory. • Heavy drinking during adolescence and young adulthood is associated with poor cognitive functioning in young adulthood.11 • Serious chronic diseases involving the liver, heart, and digestive system are associated with heavy alcohol consumption.…show more content…
• Age 21 must remain the Minimum Legal Drinking…show more content…
military bases maintain showed that students base their attitude and behavior around alcohol on what they see their the 21 MLDA. parents doing.6 • U.S. military bases can choose to adopt the MLDA of Canada or • That study also showed that parental approval Mexico if they are located within of underage drinking during the latter high school 50 miles of the border, but they do years was a characteristic that could be used to consistently predict that those students would not. engage in drinking in college and experience 7 • Fort Bliss, located in New Mexico, negative consequences as a result. was the last U.S. military base to adopt the 21 MLDA in 2008. This • Research shows that adolescents are more likely was done to reduce high rates of to develop alcohol dependency issues when they 8 alcohol-related problems like drunk begin drinking early. driving crashes, fights, domestic violence, and sexual assaults, all • A “trickle down” effect, in which older teens provide alcohol to younger adolescents, has been alcohol-related problems.5 found when the MLDA is lowered.9 Justice (2005) Youth Drinknal/122600955/abstract • “The problem, of course, is 1 U.S. Dept. ofProblems: A Comparison ing Rates and 9 Wagenaar, A. C., Toomey, T. L. (2002). “Effects of minimum drinking age laws: that physical ability alone is too of European Countries and the United States. Prepared by Joel Grube, PhD. PreReview and analyses of the
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