An Epiphany: Increase the Legal Drinking Age for Our Students

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English 110 3 December 2012 An Epiphany: Increase the legal drinking age for our students Drinking in college is one of the most glorified things when a young person is growing up. It is also one of the most prominent problems with college students. QA new drinking age should be in place; one that would allow our students to get done with a four year university before they start drinking. This would also help our students be smarter and get better grades. The drinking age should be raised to 25. College drinking is a shocking problem. So research on this subject is justified. Research suggests that there are many factors that contribute to binge drinking. Some factors are culture, psychographic related behaviors, and other activities (Krzysztof 2). Some demographic factors are age below 21, male gender, initial years in a university, white race, residence on campus, fraternity membership and lower academic performance (Krzysztof 2). This evidence shows that binge drinking is a very widely spread problem among high school students, not just college students. Many students have drunk alcohol in high school, which is during a time of growth. During adolescence, one’s brain goes through major changes that include physiological, psychological, and social changes (Crego 2). This is one reason the drinking age should be raised. The raise in the drinking age would help prevent problems and set-backs to the student during the sensitive time of adolescence. Functions such as attention, working memory, planning, problem solving, and inhibitory control are developing during adolescence and can be harmed if students drink (Crego 2). According to Crego, “Given the extent of brain maturation occurring during this phase in life, adolescents who use substances appear to be vulnerable to alterations in brain functioning, cognition and behavior, and alcohol use may

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