Persuasive Essay On Raising The Drinking Age

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Raising the Drinking Age They say that the consequences of drinking are based on who and how often that person dranks. Since the 1980’s, the legal drinking age has been 21. However, over the years people have debated on what age to allow people to drink. Their question has remained; Can changing the age benefit the public health and safety? Many suggested lowering it to 18 or 19 because it’ll help young adults be more responsible and they're legal adults. Keep it the same because of parental pushback and raising it due to older people who tend to be more responsible and developed mentally and physically. Today's youth and young adults there's more harm than good from drinking. So raising the age is more beneficial to the public's health and…show more content…
Professor Zapolski mentions of a survey that reports,“ High school seniors, about 20 percent binge drinks, consuming more than 5 drinks in one occasion.” This shows how much an high school student will and can drink before reaching 20 years old. Professor Tina Watson states a research done by Christopher Carpenter and Carlos Dobkins who suggested, “ Arrest rates for violent and nuisance crimes rise sharply at age 21 though at least age 23.” Both claims that drinking at the legal age has caused a rise in crime and criminal behavior in young adults. Yet, many think that lowering or keeping it the same age will benefit and educate young adults. Professor Steinberg believes, “ Lowering the drinking age to 19, which would help solve the problem of illegal drinking on campus.” Steinberg claims lowering the age to 19 will prevent illegal activities on campus. Professor Glaser expresses.“ America’s 18 -year-old have the right to vote, marry, buy a gun and join the military." She suggested since an 18 year old is an legal adult who can do adult things. But there's no reason to change it to

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