Drinking Age Should Be Lowered

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Nikki Hinkebein Dr. Boehnlein Position Argument 28 October 2011 The Drinking Age Needs to be Lowered Underage drinking is a major issue in the United States. Through out the country, deaths due to alcohol happen frequently and Americans are trying to find ways to reduce these fatalities. The legal age to purchase and consume alcohol in the United States should be moved from 21 to 18. In many European countries, the drinking age is 18 or does not even exist. Europeans have more control and responsibility with drinking than American youth because alcohol is a part of their daily lives. Since it is illegal to purchase alcohol while under 21 in America, children binge drink, pass out, and many get their stomach pumped in hospitals to drain alcohol from their bodies. Many children drive after they have been drinking and this can cause serious damage to themselves and others. Americans legally become adults when 18; the government allows them to vote, to serve on juries, to get married and to enter the military. Since the government gives 18 year olds those responsibilities, young American adults should legally be allowed to drink alcohol. The drinking age needs to be lowered from 21 to 18 because it could prevent alcohol-induced accidents and more enforcement should be put on preventing drunk driving. Drunk driving is a serious issue that occurs in the United States. According to the website The Cool Spot, “…alcohol is linked with an estimated 5,00 deaths in people under age 21 each year” (Too Much Online). Something must be done to reduce those innocent children from dying and it can happen by lowering the drinking age. However, reducing the legal limit will not happen without a fight from the opposition. Those against lowering the drinking age argue that if the government proceeds with this action there will be more fatalities as a result
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