Should Drinking Age Be Lowered?

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Should Drinking Age be lowered? In contrast, to lower the drinking age would be a good idea. If an 18 year-old is able to vote, go to war from were he might not come back then that person should have the right to drink without any restrictions other than not being able to drink and drive. When a person is considered to be an adult they have the right to their own opinions and also they are responsible of their own actions. An adult is conscious enough and has enough reason to know well from bad. This is the reason why they are allowed to choose their next president and decide to go or not to war. If the youth is given the right, and needed education since high school and at home about the consumption of alcohol just like it is done with drugs, cigarettes, and sexually transmitted diseases there would not be such a problem with people 18 years-old. Cigarettes are a more dangerous habit which causes more damage to our health compared to alcohol. So then, why is the intake of alcohol not allowed until the age of 21 and the consumption of cigarettes not? To be an adult signifies; responsibility and maturity. The education starts from home, since little kinds we learn from our parents and adults around us, from our expressions to how to drive, to how to control alcohol in a responsible manner. If given a good education at home as well as in school about alcohol and its consequences, there would not be a problem with an 18 year-old person drinking. Just like it is given the right to vote, go to war, and get married among many other things it should also be given the right to drink since they are considered adults. In conclusion I believe that lowering the drinking age to 18 years-old would be a good idea. The fact of considering a person old enough to vote and go to war, which are major decisions and not to drink makes no sense. If considered an adult it should be in
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