Is an Eighteen Year Old Person an Adult, and Be Ready to Drink Alcohol?

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Is an Eighteen Year Old Person an Adult, and be Ready to Drink Alcohol? The age at which one is considered a legal adult in the US is typically 18. What means a legal adult is ability to legally work, vote, marry, and join the military. However, the age to purchase alcohol and going into a bar is 21. How can a country believe that a young adult is old enough to be into the military, get married and vote, yet still consider the same adult not old enough to drink alcohol? Should we think that they are either old enough for both or not old enough for both? Firstly, being an adult implies being able to make mature decisions, have self-control, and be responsible. When you have 18 years old, you become a legal adult in the US. At this age most teenagers are considered adults in other countries around the world, also be able to vote on issues affecting their country. Teenagers at this age could register for the military draft, and, if necessary, fight for their country. In US the age of 18 represent the end of childhood, and the beginning of responsibility. This age teenagers from other countries do any kind of responsibilities including drinking alcohol. Secondly, If US could change the drinking age to 18, less people will abuse alcohol. It doesn’t have sense wait to have Twenty years old the age that you're considered an adult under the law, and have the same right to drink alcohol at 18, If the age were lowered that would help promote a culture of responsible alcohol use. 18-year olds person would often go to bars rather than house parties, and wouldn't feel like they had to hide what they were doing. In turn, this would lead to less fatality from alcohol abuse. Also, lowering the drinking age would be a good thing not only for the economy, but also to prevent so many young people from breaking the law so much. Third, if alcohol were made more accessible,

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