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Cigarette Advertisement Lucky Strike? Marlboro? West? Camel? If you skim through a magazine, at least two or three of these brands leap out at you. Cigarette ads are not allowed any more on television, with the result that the companies invest their advertising budgets in newspapers and magazines. Should so many ads be placed in papers? Especially when they sell smoking as the “in-thing” to do. Or is this an overreaction? Do tobacco companies have the right to advertise? If advertisements ceased to exist would that prevent people from smoking? Cigarette advertisements alone do not make people smoke. Parents, of course, are worried about their children following the example of such advertisements. The men and women are shown as cool and children are easily influenced by such role models. It is important to be accepted when you are young. If one child starts smoking, many of his friends will follow, because they want to be part of the crowd. Many parents claim that the advertisements should only be shown in adult magazines, not for example in television papers, to which children also have access. Furthermore, they hope the tobacco companies will cease to promote the coolness of cigarettes and allow children to be aware of the dangers caused by smoking. Not only children are affected by the health risks due to smoking. Unfortunately, even adult smokers do not see the health problems such as lung cancer or heart attacks, which may result from years of smoking. Children start to be cool and soon become addicts. Many smokers find it incredibly difficult to refrain from the nicotine habit. Doctors issue warnings, but they are still not taken seriously. Even the obligatory warning on the packet is ignored by most smokers. Higher taxation on cigarettes and health warnings have still not reduced the number of smokers to any great extent. The tobacco industry, on

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