Underage Drinking Persuasive Research Paper

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Kristine Lim Professor Aaron Stell English 101 2 August 2015 Let’s Drink to That! Introduction It is no hidden fact that the abuse of alcohol by adolescents and teens is undoubtedly an important health problem in the United States (Bonnie & O Connell 58). Under age drinking is defined as the illegal consumption of alcohol by adolescents less than twenty-one years of age (Piehl 16). Alcohol is the most widely used and abused substance by youths, who have not yet attained the legal age of drinking (Hanes 39). The consequences or the effects of underage drinking are serious, and they do not only affect the teenage taking part in the activity but also the entire society in general. The society “accrues” the burden or the consequences…show more content…
Parents, guardians, and siblings should be encouraged to look out for each other, so as to avoid situations, where teenagers and adolescents try to seek solace in alcohol. School and Peer Influences It is well known that during adolescence and puberty, youths usually strive to gain acceptance from their peers. It is through the need to gain this acceptance that some teenagers start consuming alcohol. Teenagers and adolescents often want to belong to certain groups whose behaviors and values are similar. If drinking alcohol is a normal activity for a given peer group, then a teenager who associates himself or herself with such a group is more likely of becoming an underage drinker. Advertising and Media Influences In today’s modern culture, young adults and the youth are usually bombarded with advertisements, movies, and television programs, which portray drinking alcohol as being “cool, sexy and fun”. In some instances, these ads and media outlets tend to influence negatively and support the young adults’ beliefs that consuming alcohol is cool and fun. Just like everyone…show more content…
The other way is helping adolescents, teenagers, and young adults only to associate themselves with peer groups that can only positively influence their values and behaviors when growing up. Advertisements should also be made in such as the way they only reach their intended target market while at the same time encouraging people to drink responsibly. New and better laws, policies and strategies should be introduced and fully implemented, so as to discourage and control the consumption of alcohol by individuals below the legal drinking age limit (Bonnie & O’Connell 67). Nevertheless, under age drinking can be associated with undesirable consequences such as brain damage, death, depression, aggressive behaviors, injuries, and violence, among others. It is therefore only rational and prudent if all the relevant stakeholders, starting with the government up to the teenagers to join hands so as to discourage and control underage drinking. Prevention, intervention and treatment measures should be put in place, so as to ensure that the youths lead productive lives and contribute positively to their community.

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