Benefits Of Lowering The Drinking Age

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Alcohol drinking ages are largely debated in American society. Many presidents of colleges have called attention to the idea of lowering the drinking age in American society from 21 to 18. A drinking age of 18 would help college presidents to watch for the needs of their students and to better attend to these needs. A younger legalized drinking age could result in a variety of repercussions, both positive and negative. A drinking age of 18 would be beneficial to American society and would be more congruent to other existing laws in the United States. College presidents and supporters of lowering the drinking age are looking for the best interests of America’s youth. A lower drinking age would help college presidents to provide better…show more content…
Many people worry that America’s youth would start drinking at a younger age if the drinking age was lowered to 18. Right now the drinking age is 21 and we see the majority of young people start drinking alcohol before they are legally allowed. These people believe that if the drinking age was 18, then more of America’s youth would begin drinking and misusing alcohol at a younger age like 16 or 15, which could be dangerous for development. Those who are for against a lower drinking age also believe that if the drinking age were lowered, more people in general would engage in alcohol-related activities, thus resulting in more alcohol-related accidents. They believe that by making the drinking age a lower age, alcohol would become more accepted in American society and it would encourage more people to engage in drinking, at a younger age, as well as adults. Mothers Against Drunk Driving fight for keeping the drinking age at 21 because their organization believes that a younger drinking age would result in more drunk drivers. They think that the younger people are who are legally aloud to drink, the more irresponsible America’s alcohol-drinking people will be. Also, some people think that lowering the drinking age to 18 will result in more youth participating in binge drinking. When people binge drink, they are more likely to engage in other illegal…show more content…
These people believe that a young person in America who is encouraged to sign up for the military and fight for his country deserves the right to choose whether or not they will drink alcohol. Also, a person at 18 in America is encouraged to take on the role of deciding who will be the leaders of his country, but he does not have the freedom to drink alcohol. Many people see this as a contradiction in politics and in life. These supporters of lowering the drinking age believe that the young alcohol drinkers of America would become more responsible with their drinking habits simply because it would become something that is not looked at as a bad thing and is demonstrated by adults how to drink responsibly. An article printed in the Los Angeles times, “At 18, is it time for a drink?” presents the fact that the majority of serious alcohol-related accidents on college campuses happen when young people are hiding their drinking in their rooms (Gordon). Lowering the drinking age would allow these students the freedom to drink and make it so they do not have to hide the fact that they are drinking alcohol. These students would drink amongst their friends where they could receive help if they happen to drink too much. Young people would

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