Persuasive Essay: Keeping The Drinking Age

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David Woloszyn Janice Hatfield ENG-102-19 2/25/14 Keeping The Drinking Age At 21 In today’s society, the majority of individuals tend to desire achieving something that is difficult to acquire or use for personal enjoyment. This idea basically represents a vast amount teenagers, and/or young adults in college who consistently have intentions of obtaining alcohol for their own satisfaction. Likewise, mature adults like parents are also negligent when supplying alcohol to minors of family or friends. The drinking age should remain at 21 so that further traffic accidents, teen pregnancies and physical/sexual assaults may potentially remain at a minimum. These actions will direct the United States in a positive, stronger direction…show more content…
With this frame of mindset, it’s extremely important for the federal government to uphold and keep the drinking age at a constant. As teenagers mature into young adults, peer pressure and social influences become factors that may contribute towards irresponsible decisions. Since 1984, the federal drinking age was raised to 21, which tremendously benefited teens and young adults in the United States (Kirszner, Mandell 458). Drinking is among the greatest misleading decisions made among individuals at parties, especially in college, so it’s always necessary to maintain responsibilities. Currently, college students mainly drink due to the convenience of accessibility to obtain substances from older acquaintances or friends who also enjoy having a good time. As a result, the Mother’s Against Drunk Driving and federal experts in health regulation have consistently fought to prevent the alcohol industry from altering the drinking age (Kirszner, Mandell 458). Furthermore, it is unethical and immoral practice for parents to be allowing minors to consume alcohol, as this is also illegal and detrimental to one’s overall growth and development. Although some countries in Europe may argue otherwise, intoxication levels are higher in Britain, Denmark and Ireland,

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