Dos Equis Beer Advertising

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Controversy Over the Media " Stay thirsty, my friend" the famous Dos Equis Beer commercial, which has the most interesting, man in the world. Many teens watch T.V. on a daily basis and alcohol images pop up on the screen regularly. As soon as I come home from school or work I turn on the T.V. and majority of the commercials are alcohol related. It makes me want to open a bottle of beer and start drinking. I believe images and messages from the media cause teens to drink at a younger age and make drinking seem not only acceptable, but also desirable. The media has a huge influence on young teenagers the multiple advertisements on alcoholic drinks captivates their eyes and pulls them towards drinking. Studies have shown in 2007 at John Hopkins University that, “among a…show more content…
Many alcohol advertisements are placed in different types of media that are popular among adolescent.” They spend billions of dollars in developing an advertisement to capture the publics’ eye, especially the young adolescents. The alcohol industry target a specific group mainly teenagers, but they don’t realize is that all of the colorful effects, the music, and the atmosphere of fun and excitement makes the teenagers want to take a shot or two. At John Hopkins University made a estimate, “the likely effects of several alcohol policies on youth drinking behavior in the U.S. population concluded that a complete ban on alcohol advertising would be the most effective, resulting in 7,609 fewer deaths from harmful drinking and a 16.4% drop in alcohol-related life-years lost.” Banning alcohol commercials can affect the life of young adolescents and adults by not having the influence or the temptation in front of you will decrease the amount of drinking in teens. Commercials have a lot of power over a person’s judgment persuading them to act like different

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