Binge Drinking Persuasive Essay

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Plans to Eliminate College Binge Drinking Nearly half of today’s college student population is stumbling through the college years due to binge drinking. Binge drinking on college campuses isn’t just an issue of public health, but it’s one of self-interest. Failure to act in the face of foreseeable harm places schools at risk for damaging their academic reputations and liability lawsuits in millions of dollars. Also, students experience a wide variety of alcohol related problems including hangovers, blackouts, and engaging in unplanned sexual activity. According to Lini Kadaba’s article, Colleges Hitting the Bottle Binge Drinking Remains High, but Initiatives at Area Schools Raising Awareness, “College binge drinking is remaining in colleges due to the intractable problems that contribute to 1,700 student deaths, 599,000 injuries, and 97,000 cases of sexual assault, or date rapes.” (24). For college students, health issues may not seem relevant, or carry that much weight; after all, many young adults believe they’re invincible. Binge drinking affects the entire college community, not just those who partake in drinking. To change this culture, colleges need help from parents, the Greeks, and the alumni. To begin, parents are usually the last to know that their children are influenced by…show more content…
Drinking continues to be widespread among adolescents. This is due to social settings where alcohol is present and drinking is encouraged by other fellow students and the freedom they encounter moving on campuses away from home. College students need guidance and pep talks to encourage them not to engage in binge drinking. With the extra help, the rates in drop outs and crimes will decrease. Even though college is a period of independence, young adult students need to be aware of the effects alcohol have on their body, their mind, and their

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