Should the Drinking Age Be Lowered to 16?

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SHOULD THE DRINKING AGE BE LOWERED TO 16? In the Philippines, the legal drinking age is currently eighteen, but people under the age of 18 are already drinking. Teens fall under the category of “people”. People use alcohol for numerous reasons that I don’t need to mention, but these are not good reasons why we should have underage drinkers. From an economic perspective, we say that alcohol is a demerit good, which is considered unhealthy or damaging in some way. People often underestimate the personal costs of drinking alcohol to excess (especially amongst young people). There are external costs to society, e.g. costs of health care, costs of treating accidents, days lost from work. Therefore, the social cost of alcohol is greater than the private cost. These factors give a justification for government intervention to deal with some issues related to alcohol, by putting an age limit on its use. The first reason why the drinking age should not be lowered is the obvious health issue. Despite popular belief, the drinking age was not only set to prevent teens from drinking and making bad decisions. It was set because teenagers can develop serious health issues. Poisoning of the blood can occur from a large dose of alcohol in one period. When teens are drinking, they are not considering the dangers of their actions. Their judgment is clouded by the effects of drinking. Another health concern is the effect that drinking has on the brain, which is still developing in all teenagers. Select Federal agencies quoted that “The brains and bodies of teens are still developing, and alcohol use can cause learning problems.” In addition, the drinking age should not be lowered because the argument among the youth won’t stop. Let’s assume that the drinking age is lowered from 18 to 16. Finally, 16 year olds will be satisfied and will pick up drinking heartily.
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