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Addiction Counseling Sharon Allen Liberty University Abstract In the latest research on, alcoholism, the American Psychological Association regard it as culturally neutral. So it’s important that when the client is being treated for this disease that the counselor does it without regard for their race or ethnicity. As the population diversity grow, the way the counselor treat this disorder had to change. Different racial background would encountered issues of the treatment. There are so many negative emotions that contribute to this disease such as parental alcoholism, self-esteem, peer pressure, stress, trauma and mental health issues. A couple of things that could hinder treatment is language barriers that could interfere with communication,…show more content…
Addiction, spirituality and 12-step programs. International social work, 56(3): 396-383 The author clarity the language of spirituality used in relationship to addiction and recovery. Explore the 12 step programs using the spiritual approach for treatment to address the alcohol problem and clarify what is meant by spirituality and ensure that if the referral route is rejected that it is not misunderstood of the role and place of spiritual and not religious. The 12 step programmer help the individual to ease transition back into a normal life of recovery. Herbert, M., & Scribner's, C. (2010). Alcoholism. Human diseases and conditions, 1: 51-58. The author describe alcoholism as a condition or disease in which people crave alcohol and keep drinking in which it cause problems in a person life. The author writes about the diseases and condition of long and short term use of alcohol. How it effect women, young people and families. He also discuss the signs and how to treat the disease, also there is a testimony of how someone started drinking as young as 11 years old. In concussion this is a serious condition that research shows that if someone start drinking before the age of 15, they are five times more likely to become alcohol dependent than those who start drinking at…show more content…
A Meaning-Centered Therapy for Addictions. Int J ment health addiction, 10: 428-440. The author describes a treatment for addiction, response to living a life with little personal training. He also describe the meaning of center approach as an attempt to improve effectiveness of treatment by recognizing and maladaptive coping skills. The Meaning centered approach also add insight into nature of addiction. Young, M., DeLorenzi, L., & Cunningham, L., (2011). Using Meditation in Addiction Counseling. Journal of addition & offender counseling, 32: 58-71. The authors, Department of Education and Human Serevices , University of Central Florida, completed a study on how meditation reduces stress and that counselor have use this as a new wave to incorporate meditation as a part of their program. Despite to one religion back ground prayer and meditation are an important part to recovery. Meditation is a tool that is use regular and it effective and low cost. Evidence suggest that using meditation as a spiritual intervention and in conjunction with a 12 step program help lower depression and anxiety. Abstract and Annotated Bibliography Grading

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