Use and Develop Systems That Promote Communication Unit No. 501

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Unit – use and develop systems that promote communication Unit No. 501 If there is a hierarchy within an organisation it is important that each member knows what their roles are and they know how to promote and support effective communication within their own job role. Our hierarchy is as follows: Directors Managers Senior carers Care Practitioners Directors: It is the responsibility of the directors to inform their managers of all company policies and procedures to ensure the business is run according to their wishes. Directors need to have good communication with their managers so that policies and procedures are followed correctly. Good communication will ensure that the organisation is running smoothly and that the managers can ensure the Heads of Shift work accordingly. Managers: The registered and care managers need to be able to communicate all information that is essential for the business to run effectively to the Senior carer and other staff members. It is their responsibility to communicate all the information that is required to ensure that all staff are able to complete their jobs to an expected standard. They need to communicate well with the directors to ensure that they also have the necessary information to carry out their roles efficiently. Senior carer: It is their responsibly to provide accurate information from the managers to ensure that they are able to communicate with the Care Practitioners. This will enable the Care Practitioners to adhere to correct care procedures to ensure that a good quality of care is being provided. They require good communication skills to enable them to pass accurate information on to outside agencies e.g. Doctors, District Nurse, Relatives etc. and back to the managers to inform policy and procedural changes. Care Practitioners: It is the responsibility of the Care Practitioners to

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