Promote Professional Development

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Unit 2: Promote Professional Development Unit Code: SHC 52 Assessment Criteria: 1.1: The meaning of professional practice is to be able to work and act in a manner that follows company policies and procedures. A quality employee is able to accept and utilize the knowledge gained during their time of employment and put this into practice. Working within the health & social care setting means that policies and work acts can change time and again which should reflect organisations and how they should compile their company procedures. An employee should be following company procedures and ensure that they are aware of any changes to policies. Should an employee not gain knowledge of any new information on practices, they are liable for any future errors, which could lead to a potential safeguarding issue bought upon them. An employee that continually improves on their knowledge of the sector, policies, procedures, the organisation in which they work for and their job role, is showing a great work ethic and an ideal role model for other colleagues and team members. An employee working within the health and social care sector should also be aware of their personal abilities and where professional development is needed. An employee should ensure that they are fully trained in their particular job role and should there be any changes to their role or the organisation, an employee should include themselves in the re-training process. For example, my role as a Care Supervisor has currently undergone a split in the role, bringing on a support supervisor to take on half of the role's daily tasks. This gave me a chance to concentrate on bringing in new business and completing more detailed and effective care plans and assessments. In order to do this to the best of my ability, I improved my knowledge of sales and marketing, and how to best compile a detailed
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