Show Leadership in the Workplace

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1. SECTION 1 - MODEL HIGH STANDARDS OF MANAGEMENT PERFORMANCE AND BEHAVIOUR 1.1. Activity 1 1.1.1. How do you perceive the role of a business/ organizational manager, ie what things does a manager need to do and what resources do they draw upon? A business / organizational manager is someone who is responsible for an area or department of works, it is their responsibility to ensure that the department / area runs smoothly and efficiently. Managers should monitor productivity and delegate tasks evenly within their team. It is important for managers to have a clear understanding of each individual employee’s role and the operations of their team. 1.1.2. How do you think managers can ensure that their performance behavior meets the requirements of the organization for which they work? It is important for a manager to have experience with and an understanding of the processes and procedures carried out by their team/department. Managers should be familiar with company schedules and deadlines, communicate these deadlines to their team and plan accordingly. They should also have a clear understanding of the company’s goals and objectives. A manger should report on and audit their team/departments overall productivity and outputs to ensure that time and recourses are being spent wisely. 1.1.3. Explain, in the context of meeting organizational needs, the difference between managers and leaders. A manager is a person in a position of power that represents a department or team; they are responsible for reporting, auditing, planning and developing procedures. It is also their responsibility to delegate tasks, monitor employee performances and ensure that the team is productive and efficient. A leader is someone who acts as a role model figure in a group of people and leads by example. They generally have a strong understanding and knowledge of the task at hand, but are
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