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Determining Who and Why General Electric (GE) recently posted a position for a customer service manager position on the GE career board. Like many companies GE has various components within the job description that must be met to select the best talent to fulfill the position. Within the job description certain criteria for a job description must be met. The criteria include the following: details regarding the position, the job duties, the performance standards they are seeking and the specific factors regarding the job. This paper will provide detailed information regarding the customer service manager position, the job analysis of the position, methods of recruiting and selection methods for seeking the best candidates. Description of the Position The Customer Service Manager (CSM) is involved in various aspects of business at GE. Knowledge of the company as well as the part in which the individual hired will play in his or her role will be essential to the success of the individual hired. The customer service manager will oversee customer service throughout the GE branch hired for. This includes ensuring customer service practices are well established and followed by customer service employees as well as ensuring excellence in customer service (General Electric, 2012). The duties of the customer service manager are vast and will include several aspects that must be applied on a daily basis. One of these aspects is that of establishing an environment in which trust, teamwork, and self confidence can be applied by all employees. Employees are also be empowered to take ownership of the tasks that they are given and apply their skills in their individual job functions so as to perform well for their division under the guidance of his or her manager. A second duty of the customer service manager is to create and implement programs that stimulate employees and

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