What Are the Strengths of Being an Effective Leader?

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Strength of Being a Manager Tenisha Robinson Everest University Online November 6, 2012 Manager Being a manager requires being an effective leader. They must keep their employees on track and committed to doing their jobs the right way by informing them on what tasks are to be done and how they must go about executing them. Some managers hold meetings in a group and individually to make sure that each employee is following all the rules and regulations as required when being hired. Stated on the article by (Weaver, 1999-2012) a good manager takes time out to listen to their employees ensuring them that if there are any concerns when it comes to their job and job tasks they are there to listen and help with the situations on hand. Most managers try to find ways to assign their employees in the areas that meet their strengths resulting in great job performances. The job of being a manager can be very challenging yet rewarding. They need to perform five managerial functions to have a successful business. Those functions are to plan, organize, coordinate, command, and control. They must organize each department in the company as well as create time lines for projects, evaluate job plans, and make changes that are needed to improve the company. Also noted by (Williams, 2012,2010)when it comes to running a successful business they must supervise each employee making sure that the employees are completing each assignment in a timely manner. When an employee feels that they can trust their manager they perform at their best. Managers assign job tasks, create schedules, and provide positive feedback to their employees. Instead of just assigning task they must also earn the respect of their employees. They will take on the most difficult and unpleasant assignment themselves as a way to teach their employees the best way to become excellent workers. In running
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