Unit 201 Child and Young Person Development

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Unit 201: Child and young person development Worksheet 1: Child development | |Physical development |Communication and intellectual |Social, emotional and behavioural |Assessment criteria | | | |development |development | | |Birth to 3 |A baby holds up it's head, rolls over and starts to |The baby/child recognises its parent's voices, the |The baby can get clingy to their peers, | | |years |shuffle to move along, sitting unsupported, everything|different tones have an impact on how they develop. |feeling safe around people they trust they | | | |is new to them and they will be interested in new |They learn to babble and listen to the way the parent |smile and laugh around familiar people. They | | | |textures and sounds, pulling on toys, picking up small|communicates with them, watching the expression on |may get anxious and cry if they don't | | | |objects, putting anything in to their mouth… toys, |their faces and taking in the different sounds. The |recognise anyone, may get jealous if they are| | | |fingers even toes. Learning to grasp and eventually |baby will learn to speak from its peers, and it is |not getting any attention as they get older, | | | |feeding themselves. They start to crawl and as they |vital that they have a lot of interaction from them to |the child starts to become independent, |
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