Explain the Sequence and Rate of Each Aspect of Development from Birth - 19 Yers

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CYP 3.1 [1 1.1] Explain the sequence and rate of aspect of development from birth to the age of 19 years. Age | Area of development | Observation | 0 – 2 yrs | Physical | At a young age, babies will have the ability to ‘suckle’ and ‘grasp’, with the ability to hold their heads after a few months. Will be able to turn their heads towards sounds.In the first 12 months of development, most babies will be able to ‘sit up’ without support and will quickly develop the ability to crawl and roll.By the first year, fine motor skills will have been developed, such as holding/grasping small items and exploring items with the index finger. Between the ages of 1 and 2, children will be able to pull themselves up from a seated position.By the age of two/three, children will be able to stand and walk confidently and at the later age of three, be able to walk and run safely. | | Communication | From birth, babies will be able show a sign of communication by ‘crying’ and even ‘smiling’. Some are able to respond to adults by ‘cooing’.By 12 months of age, most babies will be able to respond to their own name. Begins babbling sounds, e.g. dadada.By 18 months, will be able to respond to words such as, ‘bye’. Be able to say ‘mama’ or ‘dada’, recognising their parents. Communicates by pointing at objects. | | Intellectual/Cognitive | By 12 months, knows own name, and is able to pay attention when called. Is able to understand simple instructions, such as ‘where is your toy?’After 18 months, is able to respond to simple commands and instructions. By 18 months the child will be show signs of curiosity and is keen to explore outside their comfort zone. | | Social/Emotional | At the very beginning, babies will be aware of the mothers’ voice and will be the first face they recognise.Wary of strangers, prefers being in the company of the ‘carer’.Enjoys being in the company of
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