Tda 2.1 Child Development

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TDA 2:1 Child and Young Person Development. TDA 2.1 -1.1 Development Chart 0-19 years. |Age |Physical Development |Communication & Intellectual development. |Social, Emotional & Behavioural | | | | |development. | |0-3 |As a new born a child has very little |From the day they are born we try to |Children in this age range need to | | |control over its body. Such as how it |communicate with children.. At first |form strong attachments to an adult, | | |sucks and grasps to gain nutrition. |children do not understand what is being |at this stage it is normally parents | | |By a year old most babies can roll over|said but just the fact we talk, read or |and carers. Frustration often occurs | | |and/or crawl. |sing to them stimulates the brain to learn |when they want/need do things for | | |1 year old most walk. They start to |and understand. By 12 months children use |themselves. This has results in | | |try to feed themselves. They climb |single words to communicate. Between the |temper tantrums. | | |anything especially stairs. Age 2 |ages of 1 and 2 children start to put |Praise is needed to reinforce positive| | |children are more confident in their |words. By a child’s second birthday they |behaviour. | | |ability to run and walk. Children are |usually have around 200 words in their | | | |usually toilet trained during the day |vocabulary. |
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