Cyp31 1.1 Essay

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CYP31 1.1 Stages of Development Age | Intellectual/Cognitive Development | Social, Emotional and Behavioural Development | Physical Development | Communication and Language | 1 month | * Baby can feel pain * Baby’s face, abdomen, hands and soles of feet are sensitive to touch. * Can focus on objects 20cm away * Will imitate facial expressions * Likes sweet tastes. * Can focus on objects 20cm away, sensitive to light, like to look at human faces, will imitate facial expressions | * Baby enjoys feeding and cuddling * Uses total body movements to express pleasure at bathtimes or when being fed. * May smile (around 5-6 weeks). | * Can lift head by one month * Hands are usually tightly closed. * Reacts to loud sounds and may be soothed by music. | * Cry to indicate their need. * Quietens when picked up. * Makes eye contact * May move their eyes towards the direction of sound * Responds to sounds, especially familiar voices. | 3 months | * Baby can imitate low or high pitched sounds. * Knows the smell of their mum from that of others. * Recognises differing speech sounds | * Baby will stay awake for longer periods. * Will fix eyes on mum’s face when feeding. * Shows enjoyment at routines such as bath time. | * Baby can lift head and chest off bed when lying on front. * Moves their head to follow adult movements. * Can hold a rattle for short period before dropping. | * Baby shows excitement at the sound of approaching voices. * Still distressed by sudden loud noises. * Will suck or lick lips when they hear the sound of food being prepared. | 6 months | * Baby enjoys brighter colours to look at and more interesting things. * May have developed favourite tastes in food and recognise the differences. | * Baby has recognisable sleep patterns. * Shows trust and security. | * Baby puts
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