Unit 201 Child Development Essay

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Unit 201 Child and young person development From birth until 19 years of age children and young people will tend to exhibit certain similarities which have complied into a development plan. Although children and young people are different and have different experiences, they grow and develop in a similar way. Babies are usually born at 40 weeks, which is a full term pregnancy. At this early stage they show signs of recognition towards their mother, they know her voice and smell. They even know that if they cry it is a sign of distress which lets people know they need help. New borns to young babies actively learn about their new world through their senses, particularly with touch, taste and sound.…show more content…
This is where the child shows signs of growth; they begin to hold their own bottle, showing they have gained the use of hands and understand what they do. The can now also show fear, this can come from many things, one of which is a stranger’s face, not knowing the person or being unsure of them. Babies will usually attempt to walk at around this age, sometimes with help and sometimes using the furniture to guide them. The toddler stage, 1-3 years. During this time, a child will go from, sitting, to crawling, to walking, to running, they become more confident as they get older and steadier on their feet. This is also the stage where children will begin to learn of their name and become aware of when they are being called. The child will now feel like he/she needs all the attention so will want to be seen and heard as much as possible. Speech has greatly improved by the age 4-6. In the earlier years they had a vocabulary of 50+ words to now a vastly improved 1000+ words. This is something that is, learnt from attending pre-schools and nurseries in an attempt to get the ready for their school years. It is during this period they gain a greater independence, resulting in them wanting to be more self-efficient, they display this by wanting to dress and clean themselves with minimal help. They also gain an understanding of their birthday and can remember familiar and significant places i.e.
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