Examples Of Physical Devolpment

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Physical Devolpment 0-3 years This is a stage where devolpemnt happens very quickly. With babies not having much control over their bodies when they are first born, to learning to have more control over there bodies. When they are first born babies movements depend on a series of reflexes. These include sucking and grasping which are vital things they would need to survive. Over the first 12 months they will learn more to control their bodies and by 12 months most babies should have devolped to the point where they should be able to crawl or roll. In the second year of their life babies will carry on devolping and growing quickly. At this time most babies should be starting to walk. The more they can control movement babies will start to use their hands for certain things like holding objects and feeding themselves. Also most babies by this age will play with toys…show more content…
They should be able to feed themselves and be able to use a cup to drink by themselves. They will progress there walking and also will be starting to run more easily. They will also start to use more toys like bicycles and tricyles. They will probably also try climbing on stairs and furniture. 3-7 years At this stage in there life children should be able to do more coordinateed tasks and be more confident in doing them. There skills will become more advanced and they will be able to carry out fine motor skills like writing, drawing and also cutting. They will also be more confident in more physical and sporty activites like running and skipping, also being able to kick a ball. 7-12 years Children will have continued to grow and will now probably be developing skills of their choice as they began to have hobbies and interests where they will be more skillfull in certain areas like sports such as football or
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