The Importance Of Mass Shootings

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“As others have observed, talking about how to stop mass shootings in the aftermath of a string of mass shootings is not too soon, it is much too late” (Klein). The number of mass shootings has continued to drastically increase since 2007. A shooting is classified as a mass shooting when four or more people are killed. In the year 2015 alone, more than 350 mass shootings occurred in the United States alone (Berkowitz). Whenever a large mass shooting occurs and is all over the media, the topic of gun control arises throughout the nation. Mass shootings always bring up gun control disagreements, but it is unquestionably too late. There are actions that need to be taken now in order to prevent more mass shootings before they take place. The…show more content…
The main reason is because this generation is continually being fed violence in all areas of life. Getting rid of violence in entertainment is not going to be helpful because kids already have the idea planted in their everyday thinking. Kids are constantly introduced to new games, which often get more violent as the kids get older. By the time the kids are young adults violence is second nature to them. In the video games, when the player dies, they can restart. In the games, characters are always fighting the enemy, sometimes that enemy is another person or group of people. This portrays to the viewers that it is acceptable to hurt others for any reason. People who open themselves up to the violent entertainment do not always understand that it is not like real life. Once your life is over, there is no coming back for second chances. The rush that violence gives these young adults is like a drug. Once they have it, all they want is more. Because violence plays a huge role in the entertainment business it would be merely impossible to cut it out and not lose several viewers and money, so the companies would refuse to do away with violent…show more content…
The United States alone has about 270,000,000 guns. That is the highest number of guns one country has in the whole world (Gottschling). The immensely large amount of guns can explain why the number of mass shootings is so high. In addition, the more guns there are, the higher the chance of someone using them for harm rather than protection. Just because more gun control laws will be put in place does not mean guns will be completely banned. With gun control the more powerful and larger guns could be banned. For example, high capacity magazines could be banned because mass shootings usually take place with semi-automatic guns. By banning large magazines, less people would be able to be injured in the event of a mass shooting. People believe by putting gun control into action it would put people in harms way. This is because they believe creating gun control laws would ban all guns, not allowing people to have self-defense weapons. However, that is not the case because gun control would just limit the amount and kind of guns people would be allowed to own. Gun control laws might help keep communities safe from the tragedies of mass

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