Banning Guns Is Not Enough To Stop Campus Violence Essay

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The imaginary friend that I picked is Lou, the article I think that he would find most convincing is “Don’t Withhold Violent Games” because one of his hobbies is to play games. This is a summary of the article “Don’t Withhold Violent Games” by Jessica Robbins. In this article, Robbins begins by acknowledging how far technology has come and how video games have become more graphic and violent (1). Due to a lot of crazy events that have taken place in the recent years involving violent acts, there has been concerns if violent media games have influence. Robbins spoke on the laws that some states have passed banning minors from viewing or purchasing violent video games without an adult and feels such law should not exist (1). A big part of Robbins focus is the unfairness video games face. She feels that the governments involvement in prohibiting sale or…show more content…
In this article, McGoey starts by talking about the violence that have taken place in our schools in the recent years. He does not feel that the solution to America’s problem is as easy and blunt as banning all guns nor adding more regulation because it would easily increase the black market(2). To stop such horrific violence, it must be pulled out at the roots. Careful look at the past incidents shows that evidence of potential violence is found in different areas of the ones that are committing such acts; home, computer, notebook, and school lockers (7). Video games have become more real than ever before. The graphic, sound, violence, and the addiction many face while playing it has a huge role in the recent incidents. In closing, McGoey suggests that the only way to stopping such horrific events is that parents and students being more aware of those they interact with looking for the signs that tip off aggression. Overall, he implies Parents need to step up and monitories’ their children’s
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