Argumentative Essay: Getting Rid Of Guns

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Joseph Jankord Professor Hyland English 101 11/4/13 Getting Rid of Guns Our Constitutional Rights in America are very important because it defines the kind of people we are and allows us to be free. I am very proud to be an America with these rights, but this is not case when talking about the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights. Whoever thought that it would be a good thing for people to have the right to bear arms probably didn’t know how bad of an idea this was(). America is a country that has a very bad history of violence which is, in my opinion, why most Americas are probably weak and scared in the head and always looking for that sense of power. Having that sense of power can corrupt people into preforming malice…show more content…
16. Increasing gun control laws won’t work as proven here as Alexis was using a shotgun he assembled, and later, a pistol that he took from a downed security guard. His peers knew he had a very bad addiction for violent video games involving guns. The fact that he was an anti-social 35- year-old man increased theories that video games have an influence toward gun violence. Aggression is the reason behind gun-violence and video games bring that aggression out,”(Studies Suggest Complex Link Between Guns, Violent Video Games). Those with mental problems, such as the Columbine shooters, are thought being influenced more through media. Video games are a huge portion of media and have been for years. “One such game, Grand Theft Auto, has been seen as the starting point of influencing children involving gun violence. More parents everyday don’t give a damn anymore whether their kids play games like this anymore. They need to realize that these games are not meant for them and that they could wind up like Alexis if they don’t understand the concept of gun-violence,” (I Sold Too Many Copies of GTA V To Parents Who Didn't Give a
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