Violent Video Game Exposure

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Violent Video Game Exposure Violent video games have become risky and harmful to children in today’s society because it increases aggressive behavior, affects their social life and increases laziness. Children today are playing many different kinds of violent video games that seem to have an impact on their behavior and mental abilities. Video games need to be restricted to the more mature age groups that can handle the aggression and entertainment held in games. If parents around the world limited their children’s time playing video games would it have a positive effect on them? Researchers have given that answer in their survey’s and facts that they have found. It is up to the parents to take the problem serious and listen to facts that are given. Many disagree with the idea that video games are harmful but cannot back their opinion up with actual evidence that they have found. The more children are exposed to violent video games, the higher the chance that they will have an increase in aggressive behavior. Violent video games give off the message that killing and violence is fun instead of bad. Video games are supposed to be entertainment and killing your enemy’s shouldn’t be entertaining to young children. Children at a young age are like sponges, anything they see, play, or hear they repeat and reenact it. Kids that are playing shooting games become more likely to play that character in real life. Bad language is also in violent video games. When they hear their character using profanity it makes bad language seem “cool” to use. The violent video games children are playing are mostly the killing type games. They are rewarded every time they kill someone or harm them, which is a bad positive reinforcement. So kids that constantly play violent video games see this aggressive behavior and think that it is okay and fun. They no longer see violence as a bad
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