Video Games Negative or Positive

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Video Games Negative or Positive Audience: My Sister In Law “Stay alive at all costs! Find the key! Kill the bad guys!”Kids will do anything to get to the next level. This is how a lot of children describe playing video games. At a young age, children's minds are sponge-like, absorbing everything that surrounds them, which makes them easy targets in terms of manipulation and victimized by violent video games. Violent games might seem like harmless fun, but what if the violence attracts and addicts young players, affecting their behavior and their view of reality? Problem: Should Violent Video Games Be Monitored Some say that violent video games have minimal impact on young teenagers, pointing out that most video-game player’s live completely normal lives. The weaknesses in that argument are almost too obvious: first of all just because a player does not immediately imitate specific violent acts found in video games does not mean the games will not have any long-term negative effect on that player’s views and behavior. Because of this possibility, parents should assume responsibility for evaluating video games and should prohibit young teenagers from purchasing those that are especially violent. Myself being a parent I do research the games my kids want to buy. To begin with, a number of authorities claim that playing a violent video game does present a threat to the user’s psychological health. As early as 1983, Geoffrey and Elizabeth Loftus, in their book Mind at Play: The Psychology of Video Games, warned about the dangers of violent video games: “Although we can never be sure in any individual case, a substantial body of evidence indicates that viewing excessive violence on the screen is associated with aggression and violent behavior among children and teenagers.” More recently, studies have measured changes in behavior and emotional responses to video

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