Satire On Technology

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Technology Drugs, sex, and alcohols are the big no-no in our society. They say that it’ll sabotage one’s future, but what about the daily utensils we’re using every day? Every one of us uses technology every day, every second of our life; yet we don’t know the harm it brings to our society. From just wearing glasses to playing video games on your PC, we are the slaves of technology. Why is technology so harmful to us? Isn’t it supposed to help us advance our world? Yes, it does help makes the world more advanced and faster, but it also makes people behave morally wrong and become more dependent of technology. The advancement of technology can’t be stopped but doesn’t mean we can’t restrain ourselves from being completely dependent and obeying it. The advancement of technology corrupts young mindset and education.…show more content…
shows, vitiates the purity and innocence of young minds. On the internet, children under the age of 18 can enter adult websites; such as Xtube, Fakku, and Redtube. Sure they ask for the age when you first enter the site, but lying is always possible. Though many people argue that it’s up to the kids to decide what they want to watch the rated contents or not, but if there is no internet then the kids wouldn’t even be watching it in the first place. Maybe adult pornography sites don’t apply to every single kid, but how about the violent, gory, and explicit video games that elementary school children play? They still play those horrific games even when it gives them nightmares, and affects their ability to work during school. The internet is also like the home of false information and children trafficking center. As cliché as it sounds, not everything from the internet is true; people can
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