Videogames Good or Bad

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Argumentative These days’ people all over the world are playing videogames, whether it is for people to communicate, cooperate, or have fun with people everywhere. Some people think that video games increase violence in society; however, I think it does not. Video games relieve stress in many ways. Crimes cannot be committed if the criminal is on his or her couch playing Grand Theft Auto. The actions in the videogame may induce violent behavior, but why does it matter if they are too busy playing the videogame to act upon these impulses? They also keep the “violent” people off the streets, not allowing them to commit the crimes they do in video games. On the other hand, videogames can cause violence due to their addictive quality. Overall, they can create a sense of belief in the reality they present, due to the crimes associated through videogame violence. Videogames, especially violent ones, can relieve stress from a long day at school or work. The point is violent videogames do not turn people violent, but the everyday life that people endure can easily affect their behavior throughout their day, along with the rest of their lives. The way I see it is if you are weak minded enough for a videogame to influence your actions and make you commit a crime, then so be it; just do not blame the videogame for mistakes and take responsibility for the actions. Videogames cannot possibly make people aggressive due to the fact it being the persons own responsibility for their own personal actions, not the game. Videogames can affect ones state of mind, mainly because of the way they can get addictive too easily. Videogames make it so that people can get lost in a “false reality” due to the addictiveness they subject themselves to. Nonetheless, either way, they should not take the blame for people’s stupid actions. Even though there are many reasons why videogames are
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