Do Video Games Lead to Violence?

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Do video games lead to violence? I totally agree violent video games are not all so bad. I mean they teach you hand-eye coordination and can teach you things to help you one day in a violent situation. Yes it may cause aggression; I will get into depth about this in the next paragraph. But long ago violent games were invented based on violent movies so if someone says it causes aggression then some movies in the world cause aggression too. Violent video games also improve your memory due to finding attacks that work best and you try harder to remember them. They also help you with map work coordinates, self positioning, knowing your surroundings and remembering that you have been in this certain place before. So I think people have their own opinions but I think I have proved a few good points and the violent games were created by people who were aggressive from the start. Everyone deals with stress and frustrations differently. However when action is taken upon the frustrations and stress, and the action is taken out in anger and aggression. The results may be very harmful to both the aggressor and the person being aggressed against, mentally, emotionally, and even physically. Young children are more likely to confuse fantasy violent with real world violence, and without a framework for ethical decision making, they may mimic the actions they see in violent video games. Playing violent video games increases aggressive behavior and arousal. Playing violent video games causes the development of aggressive behavioral scripts .Violence in video games may lead to real world violence when scripts are automatically triggered in daily life, such as being nudged in a school
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