Summary for Aggression: the Impact of Media Violence

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Summary for Aggression: The Impact of Media Violence The following article: Aggression: The Impact of Media Violence by Sissela Bok discusses the issue of whether violent media influences aggression levels and crime rates. Media violence has become the center of public debate on widespread beliefs. Public concern has been raised about the increasing rate of copy-cat crimes and how it induces viewers to try and reenact harm to others. First and foremost, Bok addresses public concern about a possible link between violent video games and aggression levels that are indicative of the intention to cause violence. Some are convinced that societal violence has intensified as violent video games have been introduced into the media and to generations. This is tied into several copycat instances that Bok focuses on. The film Natural Born Killers is actually said to be linked to more copycat violence more than any other movie. (Bok) The question the author purposes to her audience is whether or not the makers of this media should be held responsible for these assaults? Secondly, Bok criticizes ideas of desensitization taken into account for these psychologically violent urges to copycat crimes. She states that viewers are beginning to see these violent crimes as a commonality, and therefore no longer have empathy for the victim but rather begin to associate themselves with the aggressor. Their feelings intensify as they view these things in magazines, in movies, and on “reality” T.V. shows. Consequently, the population has shown a reasonable likeness for violent programming and graphically reenacting the things they see. Thoughts of aggression, brutal conduct, and rash behavior have become a major role in the American lifestyle. In conclusion, Bok draws attention to whether the media has distorted our appetite for violence and built it into a blood thirsty
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