Allegory in the Hunger Games

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The Hunger Games as an Allegory Through young-adult literary works, authors can use them to portray how society is controlled by the choices of adult leaders and young adults also have a choice in the way they will lead in the future. Suzanne Collins uses The Hunger Games as an allegory of violence in society by using her characters to fight in an arena where the capitol finds amusement in the characters fight for life. The Capitol holds a power over its society by using fear and weapons which is what today’s society uses to hold control over a nation. The growing gap between the rich and the poor creates an endless no solution to an even distribution of wealth. The Hunger Games serves as an allegory for modern entertainment, economics, and government to criticize on society’s entertainment in violence and how it can provoke violence in society, government’s control by creating fear and weapons, and a criticism on the gap between the rich and the poor which creates a hostile relationship between first and third world countries and these ideas demonstrate that society is corrupt and young people are the only ones that can change it. In today’s society, people find entertainment in violence which can ultimately stimulate violence in society. Teenagers find entertainment in violent video games which can lead to acts of violence. About 97% of teenagers play games that contain little to no violence, sex, and drugs, and studies have shown that in some cases video games can cause teens to become violent and aggressive (Harvard’s) In The Hunger Games, The Capitol finds an immense entertainment in violence. The actual games make young adults in the novel become inhumane and violent in order to survive. They are forced to become violent. The games provide violence in both the tributes in the games and the children watching. This is allegorical to video games
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