Should Violent Video Game Be Sold to Kids Under 18

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Should violent video game be sold to kids under 18,I said no. why did those video game got into the child's hand,because who ever sold the video game didnt care about what will happen to the kids,all they care is money! (Main #1) However, there are a bunch of bad things about those video game, but the Most of the bad effects of video games are blamed on the violence they contain. according to a scientific study, children who play more violent video games are more likely to have increased aggressive thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and decreased prosocial helping, The effect of video game violence in kids is worsened by the games’ interactive nature. In many games, kids are rewarded for being more violent. The act of violence is done repeatedly. The child is in control of the violence and experiences the violence in his own eyes including killings, kicking, stabbing and shooting. This active participation, repetition and reward are effective tools for learning behavior. Indeed, many studies seem to indicate that violent video games may be related to aggressive behavior (Main #2) Too much video game playing makes your kid socially isolated. A study by Argosy University's Minnesota School on Professional Psychology found that video game addicts argue a lot with their teachers, fight a lot with their friends, and score lower grades than others who play video games less often. (Main #3) When playing online,kid can pick up bad language and behavior from other people, and may make kid vulnerable to online dangers. And a report shows that teens swear because of video game Game is bad for
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