Effects of Violent Video Games on Young Children

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People are very quick to shoot down violent video games as a key factor in criminal behavior. When in fact, many studies have shown that there is indeed a connection between video games, criminal behavior, and youth addiction. For years violent video games have been affecting the behavior of young children. They have been proven to be a risk factor for criminal behavior and aggression amongst younger children. The youth will buy these games, play them and without realizing it take what they have seen on the games and remember it. There are numerous games that have extreme violence in them such as Grand Theft Auto , Assassins Creed, Halo, Call of duty, Left for dead and so on. Of those games, a murder case arose. Two teenage brothers shot both of their siblings, murdering their brother and wounding their sister. The boys told the investigators that they decided to go on a shooting spree after playing the video game Grand Theft Auto III. That particular game is one of the most popular games in which players can play missions that involve killing people or just play at random and go on shooting sprees. Although this game is far less violent and gory than other games, it does have enough influence to make two teens’ fire shots at their own family. The biggest factor to the video game violence is the fact that parents go out and buy these games without knowing that their child may be addicted to the game. If the chid is abusing the game it can become very addictive. In some games the player will be rewarded for committing crimes and they will do them over and over again to receive rewards. Most of the time, the rewards are either money and or weapons. One thing that keeps the players hooked to the game is that it has a objective that takes some time to finish. Most games have levels that are for money, weapons, armor and competition. While playing these games, the

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