"Do Video Games Kill" Writing Critique

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Courtney Kemp Mrs. Cooley Eng 3133-06 15 February 2012 Video Games Cause Violence: Fact or Fiction “Do Video Games Kill?” by Karen Stenheimer was a very interesting article. The main goal of the entire article was to inform the reader that congress has blamed the video game companies for violence that happens on a school campus. The article gives many examples to why video games are a threat to the younger generation. It also shows why the games lead to violence in the school setting. I personally do not agree with the article. I believe that the article was well researched though. The article is generally about the effects of video games on the younger generation. The video games single out Caucasian young people. According to the article, before video games became popular only African American young people caused problems. The author states “African-American boys, apparently, are simply dangerous” (Sternheimer 209). The article talks about how the video game Doom started the rise in juvenile violence. This is when the media critics singularly blamed the video game for the violence. The media critics raised concern in congress. The article says that “The unlikely team of Senators Joseph Lieberman, Sam Brownback, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and Rick Santorum introduced a bill in March 2005 that called for $90 million to fund studies on media effects” (Sternheimer 205). The article talks about the research of the media effects. The shooting in Paducah, Kentucky really started all the research because before then, there were never really a school shooting said to be caused by a video game like Doom. The author is trying to persuade the reader to think that video games affect the player. She uses very well researched items. She uses the school shooting as an item to persuade the reader. The fact that the shooters were Caucasian males that all played the video
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