Discursive Essay On Video Game

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The argument that video games are breeding British children in to psychotic murderers is a highly debated argument which many politicians have instigated into their policy’s Many people argue that video games are detrimental to children as it discourages children from concentrating or studying. During a survey of American parents it was shown that 8 out of 10 parents believed that video games were benefical to the children as it kept them “busy”. On the side of video games people say that video games develop skills that formal education. One of the main focuses is the columbin shooting in whih two individuals were claimed to be influenced heavely by video-game violence. The critics of video games demanded that stricter controls such as American gun control the media then swept up the story and labelled video games “murder simulators”. But time has shown us that the individuals in this massacre, and in other incidents of shooting sprees, the purpatrators were wither victims of abuse at the hands of adults, were mentally disturbed or were the victims of extensive alienation and abuse at the hands of their peers. I believe that these events could have been avoided with intervention from the school or the family who should have seen the degeneration in the persons attitudes. Critics claim that violence breeds violence. So why is it only video games that take the blame. So if violence breeds violence, does sitting a child infront of a tv watching cartoons which portray slapstick violence will affect the child, if this is true then every child who was exposed to cartoons between 1937 and 1999 will be an overly aggressive, violent teenager or adult as every cartoon in this time period displayed violence to some degree. Violence through video games, does however recive and impact, people who were exposed to video game violence were de-sensitised from violence this was
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