Violence In Today's Media

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Michael Madigan Mrs. Stamp 11/21/08 English 101 Violence in Today’s Media In the world today society is facing a problem with violence in children. Children are choosing video games and computer games that are violent. Television shows and films of today are showing violent gun shootings and gory hand to hand combat scenes. The daily news escalates the problem by showing terrorist attacks and car bombings. The government needs to impose stronger regulations on violent medias. The violence from the media influences children’s actions and behavior. Violence originates from the feeling of aggression. Mass media influences people to take their aggression out with physical violence. The violence in society usually starts with some tiny action such as a person shoving another person. Then the other person who got shoved lives up to King Hammurabi‘s code - an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. The mass media shows violence because violence sells better than some monk meditating in a temple. By setting an example of violence, the media has taught children to resort to physical violence when feeling angry. Everything from films, shows and even the news displays violence. The violence on television depicts people killing other people for power, money or just ‘because‘. Violence is everywhere on television. People can’t escape the violence in the media; just watching television exposes people to violence. America’s capitalism is displayed by this category of media by not showing the monk meditating but instead the media shows the serial killer unloading the clip of his gun into innocent civilians. Media couldn’t sell the ‘monk’ for any sort of profit so they selfishly choose to sell the ‘serial killer’. If violence is what is always going to be sold then the media will always be selling the ‘serial killer’. Video games of today‘s society are even more
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