Critique on Do Video Games Kill?

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Critique on Do Video Games Kill? This article “Do Video Games Kill” by Karen Sternheimer addresses the wide spread idea; video games are the cause for “young killers” (210). Sternheimer believes concern for the influence video games may have on youth is spiraling out of control. She put most of the blame for this out of control concern on the media. She also writes some about politicians and the Juvenile Justice system. Sternheimer points to other possible reasons for the violent acts of the youth such as, the home life. While it may be that juvenile crimes have declined and personal backgrounds effect actions, it cannot be said this proves video game violence has no effect on youth. Sternheimer begins by explaining how video games violence has become a “folk devil” (204) to explain unexplainable happenings of youth shootings and this is just the one to follow the many other explanations the media and politicians have given for problem youth. She then brings up the issue of unnerving newspaper headlines such as “Bloodlust Video Games Put Kids in the Crosshairs” (205). Sternheimer feels not enough emphasis has been given to other issues such as “social rejection and depression” (206). She also brings our attention to information on statistical evidence. Sternheimer believed it to be “controversial” and feels it “exclude[s] a host of other factors” (207). Sternheimer feels it is these other over looked factors that are truly the cause of “young killers” (210). These factors include personal traits, background and family. Sternheimer also blames politician’s claims for the rise of concern for video game violence (209). She briefly writes of law suits on video game producers and points out none have ever been won (210). Sternheimer wants us to question why there are “young killers” (210) arising from suburban families who are considered by most to be decent, well
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