We Are Training Our Kids To Kill Analysis

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Marissa Vidales Professor Giedd ENGRD 310 28 March 2015 Killology David Grossman, once a professor of Psychology, Military Science, and a former U.S. Army Ranger, founded the recent study of “Killology.” His study investigates the causation of the root to violent action, crime, and the healing process victims of violence must undergo. His article, We Are Training Our Kids to Kill, indicates a child’s delicate demeanor is persuaded by a more erratic behavior exposed through aggressive media and/or propaganda (centering videogames). The question is, do the stems of violence root from the constant ferocious bond between videogames and children? Grossman’s ideology is plausible given the multitude of knowledge, originating from his attending…show more content…
Young men thought themselves immortal, laughed off death, and never made it to their thirties (Staples 195). Grossman adds a daunting truth to how violent desensitization and brutalization endured by a soldier is laced with social media and passed to our children (Grossman 499). Soldiers’ whom are expected to accept death as their way of life are routinely abused physically and verbally. Through media and video games, violent crime, and war are blatantly exposed to youth and young adults. The youth are affected by becoming desensitized at an early age; laughing at death, mocking the injured, showing no remorse (Grossman 502). Young adults that had been exposed to this violence at a young age are getting ahold of guns and ammunition killing convenience store owner’s by ‘accident’ (Grossman 503). Their conditioning and reflex motor skills activate, Operant Conditioning, causing stimulus response to assimilate in an impulsive manner. Exposing children to war brutality through media is conditioning them to breed violence. Killing is a trained skill forced upon a man; viciously cycled through younger age groups. Violence, in videogames, being proposed to children at their malleable youth impulses the ingenuous desire for
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