How Video Games Affect Children

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How Video Games Affect Children Video games go back as far as the 1940’s when the first video game ever was created in 1947. It consisted of using a machine that had knobs and buttons which a person used to control a certain type of tube that fired beams that simulated hitting targets. Video games have evolved since then and video games did not have such a massive effect on the public until the 1970’s and 80’s when a certain video game entered the world it was called pong. In pong players tried to hit an electronic ball back and forth using electronic paddles basically just like ping-pong. Afterwards arcades, video game consoles and computer games were introduced. Every video game is different as it has different objectives to complete or even different things to do. Such as building things or getting a specific item to complete a task and even shooting different things. Video games affect children, ether in bad ways in terms of behavior problems, poor grades, physiological arousal and inactivity, and also in good ways in terms of building confidence, better sight, helping in critical thinking, improving motor skills and also in teamwork. Video games are known to create behavior problems in children. They can cause kids to start killing people because a kid may play a video game and in the video game they have to kill a person. Like for instance there is a game called postal. As reported by Barrie Gunter as Dodd said, “To win in the game players have to kill innocent bystanders, as well as armed opponents, before shooting themselves” (Gunter 7). A game like that can cause kids to start killing people in real life. Another example is grand theft auto where in the game you have to steal cars, rob banks and kill either innocent people or police officers. That can have an affect on kids. According to Rebecca 2 Leung, “That months of playing the
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