Facing Todays Parenting Challenges

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Overcoming today’s Parenting Challenges: Not an Easy Job These days, negative influences are everywhere. It is impossible to shield our children from every danger out there, but as parents, it is our job to try our best. I recently read two passages that discussed the challenges parents are facing these days. One passage was called “Challenges for Today’s Parents’’ by Harriet Davids. The next was called “The Stranger”. These passages got me thinking about the challenges that parents are facing, and how they must overcome them. In order for parents to overcome today’s challenges, they must be aware of the challenges that are lurking, which include: Sexual exploration on the internet and television, alcohol and drug abuse, and violence. In order for parents to overcome challenges, they must be aware of the challenges that are out there. Sexually tempting material is out there, on the internet and television. In her passage “Challenges for Today’s Parents’’ Harriet Davids writes ‘’ With the click of a mouse, they can be transported, intentionally or unintentionally, to a barrage of explicit images and conversations.’’ The internet is filled with thousands of porn websites that kids have easy access to. Looking at these websites gives kids a negative perception of sex. The television is also filled with sexual material. In The passage ‘’The Stranger’’ (referring to the television as a he) the author writes ‘’He talked freely (much too freely!) about sex. His comments were sometimes blatant, sometimes suggestive, and generally embarrassing…’’ This leads kids to engage in sexual activity at a very early age. Parents must make sure they do what they can to keep their children from viewing inappropriate material on the internet and television. The second challenge that parents must overcome is the temptation of drugs and alcohol. Kids are becoming more curious to try

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