Argumentative Essay On Gun Violence

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Over the last decade our Countries gun violence has increased dramatically. Each year the percentages keep rising. The Gun Violence Archive numbers say that in 2017, gun homicides are rising faster in some cities than they are falling in others. Something needs to happen with gun control. In author Paul Waldman article it stated that “Over 30,000 Americans dead every year, and tens of thousands more maimed and paralyzed.” Our country has a very bad reputation on how dangerous and violent we are. We double and triple other Countries rate of violence. Generations over time have a big part in violence. Guns are a very violent and dangerous in so many ways. One way is children play such high graphic video games and it teaches them that it is okay to be that violent. Guns restrictions are another way of just easily getting a weapon. The U.S. has minimal restrictions on making guns so easily available to anyone. According to American Foundation for Suicide Prevention firearms account for 51% of all suicides. Suicide is the tenth leading cause of…show more content…
Some disagree and think stricter laws will not help, like the article titled “The Case Against Banning Guns” by Shiha Dalmai. According to that article we should be “... focusing less on preemptively thwarting prospective attackers and instead boosting the defense capacities of prospective victims.” I disagree. We cannot fight gun violence with more gun violence. Furthermore, just because we have guns does not mean we can use them safely or that we will be safe. The best example of this is the American Sniper Chris Kyle. Chris Kyle was a former a Navy SEAL. He was military trained and armed. If anyone knew how to handle a gun it was him, yet he was murdered despite having a loaded gun that was easily accessible on his waistband. If a decorated war hero carrying a loaded handgun did not stand a chance what hope do the rest of us

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