Personal Narrative: The Game Of My Life

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Wade Michels The Game of My Life 9/3/13 This game was a huge one and one that nobody would ever forget, especially me. It was my first year of pitching varsity baseball for the Oelwein Huskies. However, it wasn’t my first game pitching varsity that year, but it was my first big game situation against the red hot Decorah Vikings who in the last week were averaging about 15 runs a game. Was this the night that the Decorah Vikings got upset by the Oelwein Huskies in 3A high school baseball? It was one hot muggy night and going to be tough playing conditions for both teams. The team that was more focused and more determined was going to win that game. The environment was all hyped up, stands filled with everybody cheering respectively for their teams. You stepped on the…show more content…
On the next batter, Lincoln scores and the team comes out of the dugout to congratulate Lincoln. Husky fans are cheering ecstatically as the Huskies are up one to nothing in the top half of the first inning. Batter after batter kept getting on base as the Viking pitcher started to struggle and the fans continued to cheer. You had to think to yourself that night, there wasn’t a better night to be a baseball player. As the end of the top half of the first inning was coming to the end, the bases were loaded, two outs and I was up to bat. It was a pitcher to pitcher battle. First pitch was a ball, second pitch I swung at and missed, then I worked the count to two balls and two strikes. The next pitch I foul off and breathe as I know I still have a chance to knock in some more runs. A few pitches later I’m still fouling them off and keeping myself alive in the battle. The husky fans are still cheering saying, “You can do it Wade, you can do it.” I’ve worked a ten pitch at bat and finally on the next pitch I make

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