Mental State Of Baseball

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The Mental State of Baseball Many people think that playing a sports is all fun and games. However, there many games played in the game of baseball than your season schedule, mind games that is. Many players go into mental states called over thinking; I know this cause I have been one of them. Psychology is a big part of the game of baseball on and off the field. The game consist of know who your runner is if he is fast or slow down the baseline, is he pull or push guy swinging, how do we need to pitch him fast balls or curve balls? This all goes through a baseballs players mind in about three and a half seconds. The key to the game is to slow yourself down and tell yourself the situation, what do I do if the ball comes to me? This increases a players “baseball IQ”. There are many ways to increase your baseball IQ besides playing the game your entire life. On the website baseball mental game they state, having a natural swing is instinct, but getting more cuts in the cages and on the field during batting practice cause muscle memory to take over and it becomes natural to your mind and body. The muscle memory is a mind mechanism, when you do the same thing over and over again your memory says “hey we are in that position and knows what to do” Another big problem that baseball mental game addresses is that most players have very fragile self-confidence. This can destroy a players mind, game, and even season. These are known as slumps. Everyone thinks that slumps are a thing that happens unexpectedly. But really one of the most common used sayings in the game is, “a great hitter does not believe in slumps, he finds a way and gets back on track”. Slumps is a baseball term used when a player is not getting hits or pitching badly. Many players, baseball player unparticular can hold on to a lot of frustration. When a player strikes out at the plate and holds on to

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