My Secret Left Me Unable to Help

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Shakhboz Negmatov Prof: Chadwick Essay #-1 English. 12 Mon-Wed. 12:40-2:50 PM “My Secret Left Me Unable to Help” by Joyce Maynard is an essay about the author herself as a mother who trying help her daughter Audrey through some tough time in her life. Audrey traveled away for volunteering work in the Dominican Republic where she found someone She loves. His name is Johnny. All of suddenly, Audrey stop making regularly contact with her mother. Joyce had attempted to get in touch with her daughter in any way she could. but all she got from her daughter was suspicious behaviors and a simple response “ will write later. Don't worry”. She decided to get in her daughter’s e-mail account to see if she could find any clue what was going on with Audrey. She found out that Johnny the guy who her daughter was in love with had tested H.I.V positive. Did the author have any rights to check her daughter's email account without her permission? As my opinion every mother has a right to check, especially in this case. One of the hardest things to do as a parent is to let our adult children actually be adults - free to make their own mistakes, and live their own lives. It's very difficult to let go of the parent of a child role - and be the parent of an adult. All the time when tell my mom “not to worry” about me and she responses with “You will understand when you will have a child and become a parent”. When it comes to Maynard’s store, I don’t see anything wrong when Maynard went through her daughter’s e-mail account. Because every mother would worry about her daughter if she does not
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