Donor Babies Research Paper

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All mothers wish their children the best. Mothers would do anything in their will to support them or save their lives. Some mothers go through tough times learning that their children have a disease or illness and the only way to treat it is to have a matching organ .When the parents or siblings do not have the matching organ, there really is no decision left rather than having a new born created to give an organ away to save the sick child. Donor babies or savior siblings are conceived for one purpose and it is to save their older sibling. There is no permanent law against savior babies but parents should not create life to save others. Creating donor babies is the most horrific thing. People need to understand that children are not medicine. Children are not things that you can use at the moment. Savior siblings are created by using modern technology. IVF is a procedure that allows parents to select embryos that will be a genetic match to an older…show more content…
When a child has a sickness that can lead to death and there is no cure, a mother would do anything in her will to help even if it means having another child. Parents were given the power to choose between several embryos, giving life to only one thought to be the best match. Parents can pick if they want abortion or not, so there is no reason why parents should decide if they want another child conceived or not. Donna Zammits gave birth to another child to see if the newborn would have the matching bone marrow needed to save her son. Turns out that the new born was not a match .Donna was disappointed at first but was still happy that she had a new addition to the family. Donna even calls the child a hero even though the child was not a match This proves that even though Donna was disappointed about her donor baby she stilled cared for the new born .She treated the new born as a loving creature rather than a thing used as body
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