I Stand Here Ironing By Tillie Olsen

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“Given Circumstances” By: Shawna Betancourt Most parents at some point wish that they could have done some things differently and wonder what would have happened if they did. A single parent, bearing the burden of trying to raise their children, and maintain their household, face this to a greater degree. In the story “I Stand Here Ironing” written by Tillie Olsen, one mother’s struggle to raise her daughter the best she can is brought to life. She fought to stay afloat financially while trying to maintain raising her daughter to the best of her abilities. During this process her daughter’s destiny goes astray from what she had envisioned for her and blamed herself for the outcome. Although, to some it may seem that she took the easy way out, this mother battles herself all the while asking herself what she could have done differently. Her daughter Emily was brought into the world during “The Great Depression”. Not too soon afterward, her father walked out on Emily and her mother and had left them to fend for themselves. The mother found a job that would help provide for them. However, she had to send Emily to go and stay with relatives so that she could work. When she finally saved enough money to send for her to come home, Emily fell ill and had to stay a while longer. When Emily…show more content…
Immediately after Emily developed the measles. Her mother was unable to care for her because she had to protect herself the new baby from the disease. Emily didn’t recover from the disease as expected. She became thin and withdrawn, even more than she was before. Upon recommendations, she sent Emily to a convalescent home where she could be better cared for. That didn’t work out the way that she had thought it would and Emily was left behind again. Emily did return home eight months later more with drawn and harder to love. The mother blamed herself yet again, for the turmoil this separation had taken upon her

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